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Getting FREE targeted traffic from Google and Bing has never been easier.

That’s because we took a proven method professional SEO experts use and developed a WordPress plugin around it.

The name of our plugin is WP Max Traffic Map.

Not only will you get more FREE traffic to your posts and pages listed in Google and Bing organic search results using our plugin…

But your images, videos, PDF’s, and anything you upload to your WordPress site will rank and get FREE traffic as well.

Our plugin works alongside popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, and All in One SEO or use it as a standalone plugin.

So what does our WordPress plugin do exactly?

It creates multiple types of specific sitemaps for your site…

An Image Sitemap, Video Sitemap, Attachment Sitemap, Page Sitemap, Post Sitemap, and Sitemap Index that auto-update automatically anytime you add new content or upload anything to your site.

(You also have the option of excluding a page, post, or anything you upload to your site from the sitemaps).

These sitemaps are then submitted to Google and Bing so they know EVERYTHING that is on your site.

The end result is more FREE traffic.

Larry Kearney


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